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Photography and Digital Imaging Services




Please click icon above to see sample images from variety of weddings.



This is a collection of children imagery. Wonderful, warm and memorable expressions... most adorable and lovable



Captures of charming youth. Excerpts from "high school seniors", " to be a model" photo sessions



Showcase of photos from trade shows, craft shows, sport events etc.



Display of images from festive occasions: receptions, social gatherings...



Stylized images of beautiful landscapes and surroundings



This is a space for conceptual projects. (Color, texture, motion, abstract...)



Gallery with still live photography. Images of food, beverages and product photography. More to see at


    Wedding Albums

    Please click icon above to see album design samples of wedding stories


    Photo Books

    Please click icon above to see short design example of family photo session. This coffee table book layout has been printed by the very best Asuka Book


    Photo Cards

    Photo cards are truly unique gift. They are great for "holiday cards", "thank you cards", "save the date notes", etc. They are printed on two sided photo art paper with a room for your hand written note on the back side.


    Photo Retouching

    Presentation of diversity projects that show retouching, restoration and stylizing work.


    Web Communication

    This section is under revision. In the future I would like to create here showcase of interactive web announcement and web site designs

    Digital product photography for web commerce and print advertising.

    Quality photography is essential when your customers cannot see your merchandise directly. Combination of our photographic ability, superior retouching skills and professional-grade equipment guarantee that your product will look the most attractive. For an e-commerce store images are everything.

    Lifestyle photography for individuals, couples, families and business's

    If you are anything like us, you might be a little camera-shy, and like things casual and fun. We are pretty handy with the camera, so all you need to do is just enjoy yourself and we will do what we do best. Our goal is to capture subjects and emotions in a natural environment. Final product feels like documentary with stunning artistic imagery.

    Graphic Design focused on Photo Books, Photo Cards and Digital Brochures for Web.

    We create unique gifts and amazing keepsakes with your pictures and share them in photo books, cards and digital brochures for Web photo prints.

    • Product photography for web and catalog ( as low as $10 per photo for over 50 plus images )
    • Basic - $10 per photo [50 minimum] standard photos on white background
    • A number of factors are considered when preparing an estimate for your project, including the quantity of products, turnaround time, post-processing needs and the complexity of the products and set-up (please call for price)
    • Custom sets (comosing with props) $25 per photo [50 minimum]
    • Retouching, photo manipulation and image enhancement / Masking (custom made clipping path) $35 per hour
    • *Pricing is based on the complexity of the shot and amount of time it takes to complete. Please contact us for expected time frames. Retainer and Payment: nonrefundable $100 retainer is required to reserve each date, unless otherwise negotiated.
    • Website brochures - starts at $300
    • Single-page site perfect for all kinds of events (weddings, ceremonies, artist portfolios, product/book promotion etc. )
    • *Retainer and Payment: nonrefundable $100 retainer is required to start each project.
    • Photo-Design Services
    • Graphic design with photo images: Greeting cards / Invitations / Announcements / Thank you cards
    • Retouching, restoration and image enhancement
    • 3 to 5 min. slide shows mixed with video clips - $200
    • *Any retouching and graphic design services are be billed on an hourly basis. An estimate will be provided before work has begun. $35/hour (1 hour min. charge)
    • Photo Books starts at $275 (10 Pages/20 sides)
    • Layflat Style Book - Photo hard cover with thin matt or glossy pages ( Sizes: 8 X 8, 10 x 10 and 12 X 12 )
    • *There is flat fee of $50 to insert 1 page (2 sides)
    • Prints on Photo Paper
    • *Lustre, Glossy, Metallic or Pearl texture / All basic and custom sizes are available (4X6-$8 / 5X7-$12 / 8X10-$20 ... cost for each subsequent print of the same photo is 50% off)
    • Fine Art Canvas and Metallic and Lustre photographic paper Gallery Wraps
    • *Three laminate options, two depth options, and custom sizes between 5x5 and 40x60. Gallery Wraps arrive complete and ready to hang on the wall the moment they are received. (16 X 24 - $270 ... )
    • Custom Designed Greeting Cards ( Invitations / Thank You Cards )
    • *Includes 25 cards and envelopes (5x7 Two sided on Art Papers $45 ... )
    • DVD Slide Show set to music
    • *Please call for pricing information
    • Photos on CD/DVD
    • The image files can be delivered on CD ($5/image/$50 Minimum) Please note that these files would have minimal or no color-correction or sharpening
    • Any retouching and graphic design services that is needed beyond basic color correction will be billed on an hourly basis. An estimate will be provided before work has begun. $35/hour (1 hour min. charge)
    • *mm photodesign reserves the right to use any photograph for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes.
    • *All photographs are copyrights of mm photodesign and it is illegal to copy, scan or reproduce any images without written permission whether purchased or not.
    • *All prices are subject to change. Prices will be set at time of booking and honored for 30 days


    Hi! I'm Marek Malkowski - freelance photographer/graphic designer based in Princeton, NJ. I studied art in Poland and commercial photography / multimedia graphic design in US. What this means is - you are in capable hands.

    I make consistent fine composition and natural appearance in produced images. In result, my clients get clean and elegant product appearance.

    Nothing kills sales fast than crappy images. I dare say, if you are selling online, the image of the product is your most important sales tool. You can't sell it if it doesn't look good. "That is why good visuals are key, especially for food"

    My lifestyle images focus on emotions of what actually happened that day. The artistic shots compliment and impact this concept. Minimal posing required!

    I'm a friendly guy and I'm here to help you and your business thrive. I feel that clients ideas are the best part of the photo-design process. I love to learn and research more about future assignments to turn them into successful product. if you'd like to have a chat about your project, feel free to contact me.

    I bring a bunch of fancy pants cameras and some even fancier lenses along with me… My cameras have lots of mega pickles and I know how to use each one of them. I can't recommend enough getting my beautifully designed album . In 40 years time the only sure thing, is that you will still be able to look at your wedding album.